Vintage Peavey Heritage Classic Series Tube amp. - $300 (Goose Creek)

condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Peavey
model name / number: Heritage Classic VT Series
Our new VT Series Classic is the latest version of the ever-popular tube type Peavey Classic. This new unit has been totally redesigned from input to output, using the latest circuitry and utilizing the many design innovations incorporated into our larger and more powerful amps. The Automix function has been greatly simplified and made even more versatile than the previous system. New pre-amps with tremendously improved response and dynamic range have been designed into the new Classic. These pre-amps are comprised of the latest high speed integrated circuits which utilize transient protected field effect transistor front ends to optimize matching to guitar pickups and input dynamic range. Each of the two built-in pre-amps is voiced differently with the bright channel having somewhat more high frequency response than the normal channel. The bright channel features a single input, while the normal channel has both a high gain (A) and a low gain (B) input. The Automixjack serves as a special input between both channels and includes signal processing of the bright channel signal which is fed into the normal channel's input through the internal Automix connections. This effectively creates a kind of parallel/series arrangement enabling the bright channel to overdrive the normal channel, the gain control of the bright channel only moderately affecting the overdrive signal to the normal channel. This arrangement allows both a straight signal from the normal bright channel and a smooth overdrive signal from the normal channel, with selection being accomplished by use of the Automix remote foot switch (supplied).
The advanced circuitry features three bands of equalization with a very wide range of variation, thus enabling the performer to achieve almost any tonality desired. Our extremely effective middle control is able to create tone colorations to match the sound of most competing units very closely. The equalization circuitry is considerably more effective than that offered by most other manufacturers.
The new Classic features a new type of phase circuit that has been built into this unit. Because of our unique phase circuitry, we are able to achieve an extremely wide range of phasing effects, from extremely subtle colorations to very deep "swooshing" characteristic phasing sounds. We have designed a new and versatile oscillator circuit that is capable of modulating the phase effect from very slow and barely perceptible rates through the normal rates associated with conventional phasers and additionally, up through rates normally associated with traditional tremolo/vibrato circuits extending to the range normally associated with some rotating speaker systems. The tremendous range of the phase color and rate controls interact to yield what we think is the best phase circuit available either as an accessory or built into any amp to date.
The reverb follows the phasor circuitry and is controllable from the remote foot switch. Our new design utilizes an entirely different type of reverb unit and associated drive circuitry and produces an extremely deep reverb sound. The reverb return circuit has more than adequate gain to allow for various effects. Interesting sounds can be produced by using a touch of reverb in conjunction with the built-in phasor which can approximate the sound of certain rotating speaker systems.
We have included a master gain control to allow overall loudness/gain adjustment as well as to provide control of the dynamics of the pre-amp circuit.

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