Pedalboard/Pedals/Guitar - $3,000

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For Sale!
Temple Audio DUO 17 - Vintage White - $100
Temple Audio DI MOD Pro Stereo Direct Box Module - $175
Temple Audio Hi5MOD High Current Isolated Power Module (CIOKS) - $150
Temple Audio 4xMOD 4 Channel Module - $150
Temple Audio ACMOD AC Adapter Module - $50
Pelican 1550 with Foam - $200
JHS Moonshine - $100
JHS Emperor v2 - $175
Walrus Audio Monument v2 - $150
Walrus Audio Limited Edition Craftsman Series Julia V2 - $300
Boss TU-3 - $75
Boss CH-1 - $80
Boss RV-5 - $115
Ernie Ball VP Jr - $80
Morningstar MC6 MKii - $250
GFI Synesthesia - $350

Want a complete package? I’ve got you set up with a professionally wired, plug-and-play pedalboard (with a bunch of extra pedals), power supply, pelican case, guitar, Mono bag, guitar cable, strap, capo, extra strings, and more.

The guitar is a Gretsch 5230T. It sounds amazing, and I’ve set it up to play super well with 11s. It comes with a mono bag (best on the market), instrument cable, extra strings, a strap, capo, pegwinder, and a few other things). It has some wear, but plays beautifully.

The board is a Temple Audio Duo 17 with a bunch of Temple Audio modules (patch bay, power supply by CIOKS, ac power module, stereo DI, USB). Wired up, whisper quiet, and ready to go. It comes with a pelican case so it makes the perfect fly rig.

This is honestly a great option if you want something you can just unbox, plug straight in, and play. You’ll also have a ton of extra pedals you can swap on and off the board or sell if you’d like.

Trade value is $3200.
Sale Value is $3000.

I’ll cover my end for shipping in a trade, and I’ll cover all shipping in a full sale.

Only trades I’m looking for:
Veritas Portlander (#1 I’m looking for)
Veritas Riverton
Gretsch Black Falcon
Gretsch G6620T Nashville CB (roundup orange)
Elliott 357
Elliott Royal Haven
Elliott Tone Master
Suhr Classic JM HH
Gibson ES-335

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