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Sub human...ok

Because of the original post, and as I expected, I got tons of replies. Of course not a single one was civil, calm, collective or even rational. Pretty much everyone who replied either cussed me out, called me a racist, screamed about white supremacy. Don't care, either way.

So let's discuss my favorite of the bunch. Ahmad responded with clearly no logic or rational thought. It was all emotion. A hateful rant based off of feelings without a single fact to give.

So, first off, I'm not worried about anyone. I'm just calling hypocrisy where it stands. You protest for Floyd, but ignore black children who are sexually assaulted by black men. Yet, even though Floyds killers got justice. The officers were fired, and now they are under investigation. But black people are still violently protesting. Even going so far as to fight police, beat, stab and shoot innocent bystanders, and loot, burn and destroy your cities because...your angry? Does looting stores where other black people work, or own those stores solve anything? How hard is it to just act like adults and not animals? But since these protestors and looters can't do that, the real question is, are they really fight for a biased cause(white cops) or just seizing an opportunity to act like thugs in the open to destroy and steal what's not yours? Didn't Martin Luther King Jr tell the world that his dream is that people will be judged by the content of their character? Is it really good character to destroy your city? Because, be real, no black or white protestors would be in the street right now if Floyd was killed by a black person. Even if it happened the same way as the officer killed him. Because black people accept black people killing other black people. And there's your hypocrisy.

If black lives really mattered then why aren't black lives matter members out every day protesting gang member killings that occur every day? We know why, because you don't care about black on black crime. Or even black on white crime. Just white on black crime. As rare as it is.

Moving on, according to you, whites conquered..."turtle island" by robbing, robbing decieving and murdering? Not by trade? Not by wars, which the native American Indians declared on the few hundred who settled here? I urge you to do some actual reading. From books. Not what the liberal "professors" and CNN is telling you. In the 1600s when European settlers, yes, settlers. Not immigrants. When settlers came here, they were hunted over and over again by native Americans, and it wasn't until years later, with peace treatys that things changed. Yes, white Americans did their share of killing, but what you won't hear about in school is how many white women were raped, how many children were slaughtered, and how many men died defending their families from native Americans who scalped, burned alive and even skinned. You won't hear and and you won't talk about it. But you can definitely read about it. Which you won't.

You're really gonna move on to slandering US soldiers? You're gonna accuse our brave men and women of robbing, raping and murdering without a shred of evidence? That is beyond fucked up. You've lost all credibility just from that alone. It shows your ignorance and bias towards anyone you wanna put your anger towards. Your words are mere accusations.

Now we've come to my favorite part of your rant. That ALL mass shooters are white. Well congrats on making the most ignorant statement of the year. The real fact is that over 75% of ALL mass shooters are black. Did you really not think about drive by shooters, shootings in clubs, shootings at parties, and robberies, in black neighborhoods? How about all the killings that have occurred in chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, etc. Did you once stop to think about those? Course not, because you only wanna hear about white violence. Lucky for people like you, that's all the news wants to discuss, especially if its a white on black crime. Even if they're made up.

But never fear. I have a link for you, and everyone who wants real facts of real murderers, real mass shooters, most of them black, killing black people. And though I'm sure you'll find white shooters in here, the majority of them are black.

But heres the link:

From there you can see just about every reported gun related crime that's taken place. It has the date, location, names and sources. I highly doubt you'll click on it because you don't want facts, and you definitely don't wanna hear that you're wrong.

For anyone who actually believes black people are hunted by whites, click on that site, and shut the fuck up because that statement is a lie. If its not a lie, the why are black people with money moving to white neighborhoods?? Lebron James actually said, "we're being hunted," while in the confines of his multi million dollar home in a white neighborhood. Use your head, people!

As for kids being fucked by catholics...well you got me there. But that's why I turned away from religion. If the catholic church won't condemn them then I'm out. But newsflash, not all priests are white, dumbass. In fact, many priests who like to fuck young kids are black, so wrong again.

And you're really gonna say that eating "raw meat" is racist? Well first off, medium rare burgers and steaks is still cooked, you moron. And if black people also eat it that way, are they no longer black? You and Joe Biden would get along great.

Its amazing how you write me twice, the second time to say you're not racist(not spelled rasist, dumbass) after you rip apart white people with no facts at all. Whites kill thousands of blacks every year? White people are killed by police twice as much as black people in this country. And white people are raped and murdered by black people far more than blacks are.

African Americans make up only 14% of the population, yet are responsible for 50% of all murders. You think otherwise cause you only hear about white on black crime.

Those thugs in Minneapolis, LA and other cities right now that are looting, burning and destroying their own cities and stores, some owned by black people, are only doing it to be violent. What does stealing a flat screen TV having anything to do with the death if Floyd? His killer has been arrested! He's now gonna be investigated by the fucking FBI! All four officers have been fired and disgraced! Is that not enough?

The answer is no. Cause nothing is ever enough for people like you and those who just wanna destroy your own city. You wanna violently protest black men who have been killed by a white man, but you'll always ignore black victims of all ages, even children, if they are raped and murdered by other black men. That's not justice, and those rioting and looting in Minneapolis gave no justice to Floyds family. They've shamed him. They've shamed that little girl by ignoring her and those who sexually assaulted her. And they've shamed themselves.

You sir, are the racist and you proved it very well.

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